5 Acts to Watch in 2015

Now that school is pretty much over (barring some major oversight with regards to credits), I’ve been able to put in the time necessary to come up with a list of acts I believe deserve to blow up in 2015. Not only do these artists put out exceptional work, but they each have their own style and sound, which is what truly sets them apart from the rest of the pack.


First on the list is ATL R&B/Hip Hop wunderkind ELHAE. With his “Aura” EP garnering hundreds of thousands of plays, the southern artist is already killing the game with his tremendous vocals and superb production.


I first came across Nao while listening to her track “So Good”, which she collaborated on with fellow London producer A.K. Paul. Nao has one of the most captivating voices I’ve heard in a while, keeping you glued to each song from start to finish.

Atlas Bound

I’m not too sure what’s up with Australia but they have just been killing it with acts lately. From indie electronic to seductive nocturnal music (plus points if you can figure out which act I’m talking about), they have been dominating every end of the electronic spectrum. Nominated by Stoney Roads as breakthrough producer of 2014, the future-folk duo from Sydney seem to turn everything they touch into gold.


Next on the list is LA electronic-soul producer NoMBe. Originally from Germany, he moved out to California to pursue his dream of working in the music industry. He released a single last month, “California Girls”, which ended up #1 on Hypem and 22Tracks, which goes to show just how talented this young artist is. He’s currently crowdfunding to finish his “Mood Indigo” EP which should be absolutely stellar.

demo taped

I don’t know much about demo taped but he’s 17, from ATL, and producing music that deserves to be on the trending chart of every music blog out there. The best way to describe his sound would be a combination of Ben Khan, Jai Paul, and The GTW (think “Bleach Pool”). Big things coming.

Honorable Mentions:

Klo, Movement, Speelburg, La Mar, Elderbrook, YB, A.Chal, Jay Prince, Anderson Paak, Palmistry, Princess Nokia, DJ Sir CRKS, Tei Shi, Post Malone, Primo, Vaults, The GTW


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