Inaugural Post: Movement – “Like Lust”

I created a Twitter account a couple of months back in order to share music with whoever wanted to listen. A few months later, I decided to increase my online presence by joining Soundcloud. Though both platforms have been great, I’ve always felt that I could do more. The next logical step was to start blogging. Taking advantage of my day off from work, I decided it would be the perfect time to finally get things running. Several unproductive hours later I come to you with the inaugural post of this blog. I hope you enjoy.

Sydney based Modular signee, Movement, is an act that I’ve been hooked on for several months. With a sound described as “seductive nocturnal music”, they’ve been the perfect escape from the lifelessness of late night subway rides throughout the city. The track at hand, “Like Lust”, is a slow burning amalgamation of electronic, rock, and R&B influences that captures the hauntingly addictive quality of their music. 


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